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What to Expect After Invisalign Treatment

Posted on 10/10/2022 by OM
What to Expect After Invisalign TreatmentInvisalign is an effective orthodontic procedure for teeth straightening. It is more comfortable than traditional braces and is nearly invisible. However, there are many questions among patients who want to straighten their teeth. If you are wondering what to expect after Invisalign treatment, this article is for you.

Do You Have To Remove The Aligners After The Treatment?

After the Invisalign treatment, the dentist will remove the aligners, and you'll need to wear retainers. Retainers prevent the teeth from getting back to their old position. Unfortunately, many people believe that once their teeth are straight, they do not require orthodontic appliances. It is crucial to wear the retainers until the professional tells you otherwise.

Which Maintenance Should One Implement After Invisalign Treatment?

Maintenance is vital after Invisalign treatment. The advice given by the orthodontist can determine the maintenance. However, there are basic things you can do to ensure good results. Failure to pay attention to post-treatment maintenance, the teeth may return to their misaligned state.

After-care of Invisalign treatment begins with retainers. Luckily, the retainers are comfortable and less invasive. In addition to retainers, brushing, flossing, and visiting a dentist regularly is vital in ensuring healthy teeth.

What Happens If I Fail To Wear Retainers?

Failure to wear retainers after Invisalign treatment can lead to consequences. Your newly straightened teeth may shift back to their original position, leading to a waste of time and money. During Invisalign treatment, the teeth tend to move, and new bone is deposited. The retainers help to hold the new teeth' position so that the new bone can hold firmly. If you fail to wear the retainer as directed by the orthodontist, you may lose the results.

Besides, you are likely to worsen the teeth' alignment. The teeth can move to a position worse than before. Our professional will give you more information about post-treatment maintenance.
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