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Benefits of TMJ Surgery?

Posted on 1/23/2023 by OM
Benefits of TMJ Surgery?The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is prone to disorders that can cause severe discomfort and even bite problems. When non-invasive methods have failed, TMJ surgery might provide much-needed symptom relief and functional enhancement.

There are five main advantages to having TMJ surgery:

Discomfort Relief

TMJ pain can be localized in the jaw or spread to other head and neck areas. Many people get dramatic relief from discomfort after jaw surgery realigns the jaw.

Proper Position of the Teeth and Jaw

The TMJ can only operate to its full potential if the jaw and teeth are in the correct place. These conditions can be balanced and promote proper joint movement through surgical intervention.

Improves Chewing, Breathing and Speaking

Jaw injuries and misalignment can cause problems with breathing, chewing, and speaking, all of which can be remedied with proper jaw function. TMJ surgery can correct various issues, including those that prevent one from speaking, chewing food properly, or even breathing normally.

Reduces Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Reduced snoring and less sleep apnea are two benefits of treating TMJ, which can induce a shift in jaw position that leads to snoring at night. Jaw joint disorder (TMJ) is frequently accompanied by sleep apnea. The body moves the lower jaw forward during sleep to open the airway, putting strain and tension on the jaw joints. An operation can fix these problems so you can sleep better.

Balances the Jaw Structures

Patients with a receding chin, over-bite, under-bite, cross-bite, and other facial injuries and abnormalities can benefit from TMJ surgery and lead more normal lives afterward. Improved self-esteem and confidence are two additional benefits of achieving facial balance.

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