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Why Should You Replace A Missing Tooth?

Posted on 3/6/2023 by OM
Why Should You Replace A Missing Tooth?A lost tooth is unpleasant in terms of appearance. An unattractive or unpleasant gap between your teeth can exist. Additionally, tooth loss isn't only unattractive and can affect your dental health.

That is why you need to use a dental implant, dental bridge, removable partial dentures, and others to replace the missing tooth. The dentist will tell you the solutions that will suit your needs. There should never be a choice between replacement and none. Here is why you should replace a missing tooth:

To Prevent Bone Loss

The power of chewing is no longer stimulating the jawbone when you lose your tooth. As a result, the Body absorbs the jawbone's bone tissue and uses it elsewhere. Resorption starts roughly six months after a tooth is gone.

The shape of your face may radically change over time due to bone loss. You can use dental implants to act as the real teeth and prevent this from occurring. Dental implants are the only restoration option to stop bone loss among all tooth replacement options.

Prevent The Opposing Teeth From Overgrowing

Similar to how missing teeth might result in adjacent teeth shifting and filling the space, opposing teeth can also experience this. When your tooth is removed, the tooth above it may elongate to close the opposite space. This typically happens because there is no opposing force to sustain the growth of the opposing tooth when a tooth is missing.

Replacing the lost tooth can expose the neighboring teeth to the force of the dental prosthesis, just as with a natural tooth. The dentist will ensure they find you the appropriate replacement.

Boost Confidence

Some individuals may discover that the missing tooth affects the way they speak, which might cause them to lose confidence. Although getting acclimated to your new tooth could be challenging, it is still far preferable to living with a gap in your smile all the time. You will hear people with dental implants say they feel as if they have natural teeth. Hence, you need to visit our dentist and learn more about replacing a missing tooth.
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