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How Long Does It Take For Dental Implants To Be Completed?

Posted on 7/10/2023 by OM
How Long Does It Take  For Dental Implants To Be Completed?It takes time for dentists to complete a dental implant placement and have the new teeth ready for normal use. If you are planning on having dental implants as your treatment choice, then be ready to wait for at least six months to one year. It is a process patients undertake in stages until completion.

How the Process Works

An examination is first carried out, whereby your past medical history will be checked. X-rays will be recorded to check the health of the sockets and jawbone. These investigations will help you and the dentist select the appropriate treatment plan.

In some cases, tooth extraction and bone grafting may be required before the actual surgery. Tooth extraction may need some time to heal first before the surgery, however, if you have a healthy bone, it can be done immediately after.

At times, bone grafting is also done before the operation for a strong bone base. After all these processes, a dentist is now confident enough to conduct the implant surgery. The implants are then monitored to see that they osseointegrate and heal, a process that takes 4 to 6 months, with each follow-up visit timed according to how you are healing.

Placement of Crowns and Abutment

After the gums have healed and the implants uncovered for cases where they were submerged under the gum, imitations of the mouth are made, also referred to as impressions. An abutment may be fixed for some implants, after which, a crown is mounted on them. For other implants, a crown is placed directly.

Your dream smile is now ready and the whole process of waiting has now borne fruits. As you can see, the duration for having your dental implant procedure completed is between 6 and 8 months. Remember to always use soft foods during the whole process. Get in touch with us for further consultations about dental implants.
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