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Dental Implant Considerations and Success Rates in Older Adults

Posted on 11/15/2023 by OM
Group of smiling older women with dental implants from Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry in Spokane, WADental implants offer a remarkable solution for seniors looking to rejuvenate their smiles after losing teeth. Through detailed planning and attentive care, elderly patients can achieve outstanding results and durability from these implants.

Evaluating Bone Density

Adequate jawbone density allows implants to fuse securely. Low density from osteoporosis may require bone grafts first. Dentists use 3D imaging to assess bone quality and volume fully. This informs surgical approach and implant type selection. Shorter, wider implants provide stability in softer bone. A smaller implant diameter works well for tight spaces.

Determining Proper Implant Design

The number of implants depends on the span needing replacement. Implant shape and size aim to maximize contact with existing bone. More implants may be required to distribute forces evenly for a full arch of missing teeth. Planning also accounts for adjacent teeth and opposing bites.

Strict Infection Control

The diminished immune responses of seniors heighten their vulnerability to infections. Strict cleanliness measures during surgical procedures and the healing period can ward off potential issues. Additional antibiotics enhance the standard preventive dental treatments. Patients need to adhere to aftercare guidelines to facilitate proper recovery.

Patience With Healing Times

Osseointegration takes 3-6 months as the implant fuses with bone. Healing may progress more slowly for some older patients. Gradual loading gives bone time to stabilize before adding prosthetic teeth. Multi-stage procedures work well, starting with implant placement before later revealing it to add the abutment and crown.

High Implant Success Rates in Older Adults

With careful planning, seniors can experience excellent implant success rates. Five and ten-year survival rates meet or exceed 95% with ideal patient selection and execution. Thorough dental exams and any needed treatment should be done before implantation.

In summary, dental implants reliably restore function and aesthetics for older adults. Close collaboration with the surgical and restorative dental team, coupled with the patient's compliance, optimizes outcomes. Seniors with missing teeth can confidently consider implants.

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