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Fed Up with Yellowing Teeth? Here's What You Can Do!

Fed up with yellowing teeth stealing your shine? Discover professional-grade teeth whitening solutions available at Spokane dentist Bryan Hill DDS.
Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Black woman smiling in mirror after whitening appointment done at Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry in Spokane, WAHey there. Are you tired of your teeth stealing the spotlight for all the wrong reasons? We've got your back. Let's discuss how to kick those yellowing teeth to the curb and reclaim your dazzling smile.

Why the Yellow? Understanding the Culprits

Ever wondered why your once pristine white teeth are now playing the yellow card? Blame it on life's little indulgences. Whether it's that morning cup of joe, evening glass of wine, or the occasional puff, substances like nicotine and tannins love turning teeth into shades of yellow and brown. Even healthier yet acidic snacks like berries can do a number on your enamel, leaving your smile less than stellar.

Banishing the Yellow: Your Professional Whitening Options at Bryan Hill DDS

So, what's a yellow-toothed warrior to do? Upgrade your dental arsenal with our professional-grade whitening products and take a step towards a brighter smile.

Our convenient and beginner-friendly 'To Go Whitening Kit' by Opalescence®, featuring classic prefilled trays with 11% hydrogen peroxide, is designed to brighten your teeth up to five shades. The comfortable fit conforms to your smile, making it a quick and easy addition to your whitening routine, giving you the confidence to smile brighter.

Looking for a custom touch? Try our Opalescence® Whitening Gel Refills, designed to pair with custom-made trays from our Spokane dental office. You'll achieve fast, brilliant results with non-abrasive ingredients safe for enamel and gums. Suppose you already own your custom whitening trays. In that case, these gel refills can be a great way to quickly brighten your smile here and there as needed.

Finally, the newest Opalescence® product in our office is their professional quality Whitening Toothpaste. Formulated with a unique hydrated silica blend, it actively removes surface stains and whitens teeth up to two shades in just two weeks. It's also the perfect accompaniment to extend your bright new smile between whitening sessions.

Ready, Set, Smile! Taking Action

So, if yellowing teeth are cramping your style, it's time to take charge. From our professional-grade whitening kits to specialized toothpaste, there's no shortage of ways to reclaim your dazzling smile. Don't let yellow teeth steal your thunder – let's give them something to smile about!
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