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One of our Best Tips to Improving Your Oral Health

Posted on 1/7/2020 by Stephanie Day
What’s the best thing someone can do for their oral health? Dentist Dental Hygiene Spokane WA Hill Flossing We had a chance to sit down with one of our amazing Hygienists Amy to find out what she feels is the best thing someone can do to improve their overall oral health. While the answer may differ depending on each patient’s unique needs, generally speaking, she believes the best thing you can do is to clean between your teeth.

The reality is that flossing is often left on the back burner or ignored completely. In a survey highlighting flossing habits, only 16% of people said that they always floss once a day and 44% of people admitted to exaggerating how much they floss to their dental care providers. If you aren’t flossing daily, you aren’t alone. Yet as Amy points out if you aren’t flossing; you aren’t cleaning about 40% of the tooth structure in your mouth. That leaves a lot of room for bacteria and decay to flourish between your teeth.

"It’s amazing to see the differences in someone’s gum health and overall hygiene when they commit to flossing once a day." - Amy Lund, RDH

In regular flossers, we see fewer cavities between the teeth, improved gum health and in some cases even the reversal of the beginning stages of gum disease. Just by flossing once a day you can save yourself hundreds of dollars each year in treatment for things like cavities or periodontal therapy.

We recommend cleaning between your teeth with waxed or woven dental floss, an air flosser, a water flosser or even a soft pick. Whatever your tool of choice may be, the most important thing is to get between those teeth every day to remove bacteria and plaque. Make your Hygienist proud and commit to flossing once a day for 30 days. That should be more than enough time to cement this healthy habit into your routine while improving your oral health.
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