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Are You Using Your Sonicare Correctly?

Posted on 3/12/2020 by Stephanie Day
Upgraded your dental hygiene routine to include a Sonicare? This is music to our ears! The Sonicare is a GREAT tool, but did you know there is in fact a right and wrong way to use it? Our wonderful Hygienist Shawna has noticed a big difference in the health of her patients when they learn the correct way to use the device and so we wanted to make sure we spread that knowledge around.

#1 - The Sonicare Timer

Did you know that the Sonicare device has a built-in timer? The timer will count down from 2 minutes while you brush, pausing every 30 seconds to allow you to switch to the next section of your mouth. Work your away around your mouth in four sections until at the end of the two minutes the brush will stop.

#2 - Change Your Brush Heads

Are you changing your brush head every three months? Please do! Otherwise think of all the bacteria, plaque and food that builds up on those brush bristles over time. Brush heads come in a variety of types with different levels of softness, different features and are available pretty much everywhere.

#3 - All About the Angle

When most people brush their teeth they are familiar with going over the biting surface and general surface of each tooth. However, the gum line is often overlooked. When brushing it’s important to angle the brush into your gum line at 45 degrees. Angling the brush in this way helps the bristles attack bacteria and plaque along the gum line.
Shawna says that by following these recommendations patients begin to effectively use their Sonicare device and that is when they really start to see the full benefits of this powerful tool. In her career, she has seen this translate into fewer cavities, less stain on the tooth’s surface, and less chance of gum disease. Three big wins for patients looking to improve the health of their smile!

If you are looking to add a Sonicare into your healthy mouth routine or need any replacement brush heads, feel free to give us a call or stop into our North Spokane office at 9671 N Nevada today!
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