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Why Do We Use Suction Tools When Cleaning Your Teeth?

Posted on 1/20/2020 by OM
Why Do We Use Suction Tools When Cleaning Your Teeth?Maintaining a healthy and clean mouth calls for dedication to your oral health, which means regular brushing and flossing. We, however, feel that it is important to also have a professional cleaning done at least twice every year.

During this cleaning process, we use a lot of tools and one of them is the suction tool. Below are some of the reasons why we use suction tools used when cleaning the teeth.

Reasons Why We Use Suction Tools When Cleaning Teeth

There are two main types of suction devices used in different stages of suction. They are the saliva ejector and the high-volume suction. The saliva ejector helps in keeping your teeth dry during dental procedures. It makes the work easier. The high-volume suction not only helps in keeping the tooth dry, but also removes any debris on the tooth such as tartar pieces, and tooth or old fillings. These suction tools are often used for the following reasons.

To Keep You Comfortable During The Dental Process

At our clinic, your comfort is always the priority. If you are going to require an anesthetic for your dental procedure, chances are that the anesthetic will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. We will give you water to rinse out the taste, then use the saliva ejector to take out any remaining water in your mouth. Having a dry mouth while we are working on you also makes the work easier.

To Keep The Tooth Dry For Filling

Procedures such as white fillings need the tooth to be clean and dry. However, cavities sometimes cause bleeding and make filling difficult to do. The suction tools help us to take away the saliva and blood that could have accumulated around the affected area. We will, therefore, be able to see the tooth we are working on more clearly.

To Clean Away Excess Dental Materials

After the cleaning is done, you may be left with a lot of cleaning paste in your mouth. You can also have pieces of the soft amalgam in your mouth after a filling. The high-volume suction will help us to clean these materials out of your mouth.

The suction tools we use are totally safe and help in improving your oral hygiene. If you need any oral cleaning or dental procedure done, contact our office today!
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