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Your Toothbrush Bristles Should Not Bend Because It Shows You Are Brushing Too Hard

Posted on 2/29/2020 by OM
Your Toothbrush Bristles Should Not Bend Because It Shows You Are Brushing Too HardEven though dental care and knowledge have greatly expanded over the last few decades, there are still a large number of misconceptions about the proper methods and practices of at-home care, particularly when it comes to brushing.

When to brush, what type of toothpaste to use, what kind of bristles are best, and how hard to press down are all habits and options that seem to vary from person to person. But for the purposes of this post, we would like to focus in a little bit on that last note, how hard you should be brushing.

Using the Proper Amount of Pressure

The idea that the harder you brush, the better clean you get is rapidly going the way of the caveman. Countless studies have shown that when it comes to getting a thorough yet safe brushing, less pressure is actually the better route to go. When we brush our teeth with too much force, we can actually damage them, as well as our gums. By applying too much pressure, we scrape away the all-important enamel coating and leave the undersurface open and exposed to the numerous harmful bacteria and particles that invade our mouths.

Another Helpful Brushing Tip

In addition to making sure that you aren't brushing too hard, you should also make certain that you aren't brushing with bristles that are too coarse. This means opting for a soft or even extra soft bristle when buying your next toothbrush.

To find out more helpful pointers about how to properly care for your teeth, simply get in touch with our office and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff. We will be more than glad to offer whatever assistance that you may be in need of.
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