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Should You Remove a Root Canal Tooth

Posted on 4/20/2020 by OM
:Should You Remove a Root Canal Tooth
Some people experience pain again after a root canal treatment. This can lead them to wonder if they made the right choice. Additionally, false claims circulating the internet, like root canals being linked to cancer, can further make a person anxious and make them consider removing their tooth.
Although it can be quite disappointing that your pain has reemerged, root canal is the safest method to save your tooth and does your oral health and overall health more harm than good.
Although the success rate of root canal treatment is over 90%, there are some instances where something can go wrong.

Causes Of Pain After Root Canal Treatment

After a root canal treatment, you may experience twinges of pain, sometimes even up till two weeks. However, this is usually the residual pain from the irritated nerves surrounding the tooth and is not cause for concern, since it goes away on its own. However, if the pain is sharp and persistent, some causes can be:
?Canals were not sufficiently filled
?Canal that were overfilled
?One or multiple canal was left untreated
?Persistent bacteria in the canal
?Seal leakage that reintroduced bacteria into the root canal
?Fracture in the root canal

All of these issues can be treated with a repeat surgery. At Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry, Dr. Bryan Hill and will numb the area around your tooth, remove the crown, reopen the tooth, and clean it out. They will then check for infection or any cracks in the root canal. They will then refill and seal the tooth.
In some cases, you may be recommended an apicoectomy that removes the tip of the root.
However, complications occur only in rare cases and a root canal procedure is expected to last a lifetime.
If your tooth is still hurting after a root canal treatment, schedule an appointment with us by calling at (509) 505-6303 today.
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