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What We Can Do to Help After Having Dental Trauma

Posted on 10/19/2020 by OM
What We Can Do to Help After Having Dental TraumaDental trauma is a dental emergency due to the short period of time our team has to prevent permanent damage. Whether the trauma is from an external injury, an internal injury, or poor hygiene, dental trauma can be disorienting for the patient. Our patients should contact us immediately, then follow these steps to increase the chances of avoiding permanent harm to the teeth and mouth.

Steps to Follow After Dental Trauma

When a patient's tooth falls out, the patient should gather and preserve as much of the tooth as possible, holding the tooth by the top while doing so. After gathering the tooth, the patient should rinse the tooth in cold water. If the tooth is whole, the patient should attempt to put the tooth back in place. When replacement is not possible, the patient should soak the dislodged tooth in milk, coconut water, egg whites, or salt water. The patient should contact our office immediately so we can arrange emergency care, whether it be with our team or a nearby emergency service.

Steps to Follow After Dental Trauma is Treated

Patients should apply cold compresses to the external parts of the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes to treat soreness and swelling. Under no circumstances should a patient attempt to use a dislodged tooth. Patients will be restricted to soft foods and drinks for at least one week after being treated. Patients should practice good oral care, but they need to be especially gentle with the damaged area. Patients should keep the damaged area clean with prescribed mouth rinses or salt water.

If dental trauma happens to you, follow the procedures above and contact our office immediately. The sooner you are seen for dental trauma, the more likely you are to preserve your teeth.
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