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Vegetables Can Be a Great Snack for Optimal Oral Health

Posted on 11/9/2020 by OM
Vegetables Can Be a Great Snack for Optimal Oral HealthIf you choose to snack between meals, there are some options that can actually be beneficial for your teeth and gums. Selecting vegetables instead of sugary or processed foods can give an added perk to promoting healthy gums and teeth. Here are a few reasons why vegetables can be a great snack to achieve your optimal oral health.

Vegetables That Are Rich In Fiber

The natural fiber found in vegetables is very beneficial to your oral hygiene. Fiber helps clean your teeth and gums by keeping saliva flowing in your mouth. It also slows down the processing of sugars and starches which can lead to damaged enamel and even gum disease. Outside of normal brushing and regular visits to our office, fiber is the best natural defense you can add to your diet to help promote your oral health.

Vegetables Act as a Natural Tooth Brush

Crunchy vegetables like carrots and celery can act as a natural toothbrush for you throughout the day. While our staff will recommend regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing, choosing crispy and crunchy vegetables is not only a good source of vitamins and minerals but it can help clean your teeth of any bacteria left from other meals or snacks.

Generate More Saliva

Like the fiber found in vegetables, adding leafy greens into your normal diet, whether as a snack or in a meal, will help increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is a natural fight against food residue that leaves behind bacteria or acid on your teeth. It is able to neutralize the acid and break down harmful bacteria that could lead to plaque and larger oral health issues.

If you are looking for suggestions on the best food for your diet, call our office today. We can assist in the best and worst foods for promoting your oral hygiene.
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