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What are the Symptoms of Geographic Tongue and is it a Problem?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by OM
What are the Symptoms of Geographic Tongue and is it a Problem?Geographic tongue is a common inflammatory condition that affects people all over the world. The other name is benign migratory glossitis and, it is a harmless medical condition that occurs in different people. You can identify it from its characteristic patches that look like maps, hence the name. These patches (lesions) don't have papillae, and each of them appears like a smooth, red island with slightly raised edges. The same lesions heal in one spot and migrate to a new location of the same tongue. So, how do you know you have geographic tongue?

Signs and Symptoms of Geographic Tongue

Although the exact cause of this oral health condition remains unknown, its symptoms are easy to point out. The most noticeable sign is the appearance of an irregular pattern on your tongue. The affected part looks like a map or an island. Other symptoms may come and disappear after a few weeks, months, or even years. The common ones include red spots on your tongue, absence of papillae, burning sensation, and several patches or lesions in specific areas of your mouth.

Risks Associated with Geographic Tongue

Even though it may look alarming to some people, it does not cause health problems to those affected. However, the affected tongue may form a layer of small bumps commonly referred to as papillae to disappear. In extreme cases this condition can create some grooves and wrinkles on the tongue. Other risk factors may include juvenile diabetes, allergies, hormonal disturbances, Reiter's syndrome and emotional stress. As much as geographic tongue is not preventable or curable, observing your oral hygiene can help you lead a happy life. If you find unusual lesions or patches that resemble maps on your tongue, contact us for more assistance.
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