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While Crackers Are Common for When You Are Sick, Are They Safe for Your Teeth?

Posted on 4/26/2021 by OM
While Crackers Are Common for When You Are Sick, Are They Safe for Your Teeth?If you have an upset stomach or have lost much of your appetite due to feeling sick, you may think having a few plain crackers will help. You are at least eating something, right? But few people realize just how bad crackers are for your teeth. Crackers are one of the worst things you can eat, even worse than some candy.

Why Are Crackers So Bad for Your Teeth?

Crackers contain a very large amount of processed starches. This processing is what makes them last so long, but it also increases their glycemic index and adds in a lot of artificial ingredients. This means they contain a large amount of sugar. Crackers also crumble apart when you eat them, which means it is easy to get small pieces of cracker stuck between your teeth. The bacteria in your mouth latch on to this debris.

These bacteria eat sugar and begin multiplying. They also use the sugar to create acids that eat into the enamel of your teeth. While a small amount of damage to the enamel can often be reversed thanks to fluoride, larger cavities cannot. If you continue eating a lot of crackers, you are likely to end up with both a large amount of tooth decay and bad breath, which is another side effect of the acid produced by the bacteria.

Alternatives to Crackers

There are a few alternatives to crackers that will still help you get some food down when you are not feeling well. Whole-grain crackers, for example, are much better for you than standard white crackers. Whole grains are much better than the processed carbs and sugars found in standard saltines.

If you do enjoy crackers, you need to make certain that you rinse out your mouth after you eat them and brush your teeth regularly. Do not forget to come see us regularly, too. If you do not have a six-month checkup scheduled, give us a call today.
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