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What to Do When Your Child Complains of Tooth Ache

Posted on 3/8/2021 by OM
What to Do When Your Child Complains of Tooth AcheToothaches, no matter how minor, can be quite bothersome, making it difficult to perform the simplest daily functions. If your child is complaining about a toothache, do not ignore it as it can signify a serious dental problem, which, if left untreated, can lead to more significant and severe dental problems. In fact, a toothache may even signify a dental emergency.

Steps to Follow

•  Find where it hurts – Ask your child to guide you as to which tooth hurts. You should also ask them for how long has the tooth been aching as that can help you identify whether the problem is severe or not.
•  Inspect the area – Check and double-check for signs of cavities or infection. If you notice brown spots on the area that hurts, it could indicate the presence of cavities that may have eaten away at the enamel, resulting in infection formation. You should also look for abscesses, swelling, bleeding in the gums as they are symptoms of an infection.
•  Remove lodged food pieces from the teeth – A bone shard or remains of popcorn and other food items lodged between your teeth can also cause toothache. You should try to gently remove the pieces from the teeth, for if it is big enough to cause toothache, it can also substantially damage the teeth and gums.
•  Give painkillers – ibuprofen and other over the top medications can help ease the pain temporarily. Putting an icepack over the painful area can also help ease the pain until you can book an appointment with the dentist.

Concluding Note

Cavities are often the most common cause of toothaches. Following a good dental hygiene routine can help avoid the formation of cavities and prevent toothaches. Regular checkups at the dentist can help prevent the formation of infections, which can cause toothaches. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly to clean every corner and crevices in your mouth.
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