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What Should You Do If You Cannot Afford Dental Care?

Posted on 3/22/2021 by OM
What Should You Do If You Cannot Afford Dental Care?If you need dental care but do not have dental benefits or insurance, you can still pay for care. You do have other options.

Making Prepayment Arrangements

If you currently do not have dental coverage, we may be able to create a plan for you to pay for specific procedures or dental care. We may be able to provide in-house financing or discounts for dental work. We can also work out an arrangement to span your treatment over several months, so you do not have to pay the entire treatment cost at once. There are always other ways to pay for dental care if you do not currently have insurance.

Using the Services of a Dental School

Because dental students need to get on-the-job training before they are licensed, you can get dental care based on a sliding scale. However, the care usually is relatively affordable. While you may spend more time undergoing treatment, you will get the necessary dental care. A licensed dentist supervises dental students and checks their work carefully, so procedures naturally take more time. This means you may need to visit the school a number of times before a procedure is completed.

How to Address Your Budgetary Concerns

Do not be afraid to speak to us about your budgetary concerns. You do not need to feel self-conscientious about your current financial state. You will not be the first patient we have talked to about arranging payments for specific dental treatment costs. Let us know how much you currently can afford to pay per visit upfront. Ask about the costs for getting x-rays, an exam, and cleaning, and go from there. Be upfront about your situation so you can get the proper care.

Do you need to set an appointment for an exam and cleaning? Do you have monetary concerns? Do not let that stop you from scheduling an appointment. Tell us about your preventive care needs and what you can afford to pay. Call us to schedule a consultation today.

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