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Pacemakers and dental visits

Posted on 4/11/2022 by OM
Pacemakers and dental visitsMany people wonder whether if you have implant cardiac devices you can go to the dentist. Every person needs to observe their oral health for it has so much connection to other health issues. The dentist will conduct regular checkups to detect any problem in the mouth and will ensure that they come up with a treatment plan for you if you have any oral health issues. Even those with heart issues need to see the dentist.

What are cardiac implants

The cardiac devices that is implanted such as pacemakers uses electric impulses to help the heart in maintaining the rhythm. There are instruments that the dentist may use and may cause interference to the heat devices. This ensures that you talk to your dentist about the medical history so that they know what to do and what to avoid.

Maintain regular dental visits

Having a pacemaker should not keep you away from the dentist, some of the ultrasonic scalers and some cleaning instruments have the potential to interfere with the pacemakers. Regular dental visits will make you have healthier gums and the dentist will not have to treat you with advanced infections. This means there is limited use of instruments that can interfere with your regular heartbeat.

If you visit our dentist, ensure that you notify them of any medical history and if you have a pacemaker let the dentist know. This will help in treating and also getting the right prescription for you. The dentist might also avoid some ultrasonic instruments in your oral care. Visit us and you will have proper oral care despite having a pacemaker. The dentist will also guide you on things to do and those that you should avoid when you have a pacemaker.
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