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How To Prevent Teeth Grinding

Posted on 5/23/2022 by OM
How To Prevent Teeth GrindingGrinding and clenching teeth are part of a condition known as bruxism. It is very relative among children when they sleep. We will discuss why people grind their teeth and how to help them stop.


Bruxism is a dental condition that makes people clench or grind teeth. It happens subconsciously during the day and at night. The condition affects people's dental health if care fails to be effected early. Teeth grinding proves to be uncomfortable and annoying to other people. Some signs and symptoms of teeth grinding include worn-out teeth, tooth pain, sensitivity, soreness in the jaw and neck, headaches, and sleep disruption. Some causes of awake bruxism are emotions such as anxiety, stress, tension, or anger. It could also be a coping mechanism for some underlying emotions. Sleep bruxism is caused by stress during sleep or arousals when sleeping. Studies indicate that bruxism may be fueled by underlying conditions such as Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, night terrors, and acid reflux.

Effects of teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is generally annoying to the surrounding people as they do not understand it occurs subconsciously. It also leads to the destruction of teeth. The crowns of teeth become worn out due to the constant grinding and clenching of teeth. A person may get stress-related headaches. Its effects on the jaw become severe and may cause pains. Furthermore, It may lead to loose teeth and gums.

Offering care

Our dentists will require you to wear a mouthguard when sleeping. If you grind teeth due to stress, you need stress-relieving habits. Avoiding foods that are rich in caffeine can help reduce teeth grinding. Alcohol increases grinding: hence, we advise against using it. To eliminate chances of developing the grinding conditions again, we advise avoiding food intake that requires a lot of chewing or chewing non-food stuff like pens. Visit our offices for more advice on grinding teeth.
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