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Is Dental Amalgam Safe?

Posted on 10/24/2022 by OM
Is Dental Amalgam Safe?Dental Amalgam is a material that dentists use to fill cavities. Also known as silver fillings, they consist of metal combinations of silver, mercury, and tin copper. Dentists use Amalgam in lesser ways compared to years before. The material is essential as it holds up better over time, especially on teeth affected by the pressure of wear and chewing.

Why is Mercury Used in Amalgam?

Mercury helps to make the amalgam material moldable. Moreover, when mixed with powders results in a smooth substance to integrate and be pressed on the teeth. Also, mercury allows the material to harden quickly and withstand the pressures of biting and chewing.

Is Amalgam Safe?

Studies from FDA conclude that amalgam fillings are safe for adults and children above the age of six years. Mercury is a naturally occurring metal that is in liquid form, and when heated, it turns into a gas. Every one of us has had exposure to mercury in our lifetime through the air, drinking water, soil, and food.

Mercury composition at low levels does not cause harmful effects, but at high levels, it can lead to symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, memory loss, fatigue, and headaches. Amalgam safety concerns are based on the mercury level within the amalgam fillings and how much is absorbed in the body after the successful filling procedures.

With recent advancements in dental practice, dental amalgam fillings can release less mercury in vapor form as it wears away. But dental studies show that the level of mercury we receive from amalgam fillings is little and cannot cause harmful effects.

Additionally, very few people have allergic reactions to mercury in amalgam fillings since the American dental association has reported fewer cases. Thus this concludes that dental Amalgam is safe to treat against cavities and other dental abnormalities. For more information on the role and safety of dental Amalgam, make an appointment with us, and we will be ready to serve you.

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