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Dentistry For Kids
Spokane, WA

We know that parenting is a difficult job. It is also a wonderful job. Most people who are parents wouldn’t trade it for anything, because of it’s a wonderful job to have. People who are parents know it is also a really difficult job as well. We tip our hats to parents everywhere, because their reward for being great parents is if their kids leave them and live successful lives. We’re not so sure this is such a great reward.

But we are sure that parents deserve an award. How about pretty teeth for your kids? That seems fair. When you take your kids to the dentist, you’ll want to be sure and take them to a dentist who actually likes them, and who likes being around kids. Dentists who care for children’s teeth are something special. Let Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry tell you more about dentistry for kids.

Why Kids Need A Dentist

There are some adults who believe that kids don’t need a dentist until they have permanent teeth. However, baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. Children who are missing teeth because of tooth decay or gum disease may have trouble eating or speaking. They also may have trouble with their permanent teeth coming in because baby teeth provide the pathway for permanent teeth.

Children need good dental care. When children’s teeth are diseased when they are young, their mouths are going to be susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay when they are older. If children have bad oral hygiene early, they may end up with tooth decay, gum disease, and possible tooth loss. They may not even get all of their permanent teeth because they have too much infection in their mouths. But if children receive good dental care and practice good oral hygiene, they can have their beautiful smiles for life.

When Should I Start Bringing My Child to the Dentist?

A lot of parents ask us when they should bring their child in to see us. We recommend that you bring your child in to see us when they get their first tooth. Your child might get their first tooth as early as six months, or later than a year. Every child is different. While getting the first tooth after a year isn’t that unusual for children, you need to go ahead and bring your baby in to see us after their first birthday, even if they haven’t gotten their tooth.

What Will Happen At The Dentist?

When you bring your child in to see us, the first thing we will do is get to know them. We want them to be comfortable. We will also look at your child’s teeth and gums, and all of the structures in their mouths, to make sure everything is in place. We will check for cavities and infections. We will also ask you if there are any problems with your child’s dental health, and if you have any questions. We may also take x-rays of your child’s teeth, as well. Do you have questions about your child’s dental health? Why not give Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry a call at (509) 505-6303.
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Dentistry for Kids Spokane, WA | Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry
At Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry we know that parents take the oral health of their children very seriously and offer exceptional dental care for kids.
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