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Family Dentistry
Spokane, WA

At Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry, our commitment is to cater to the oral health needs of every member of your family. As a dedicated family dental office in Spokane, our primary goal is to proactively safeguard your smiles through prevention, education, and open communication, rather than simply addressing dental problems when they occur. Our family service include:


We recommend dental cleanings at least twice a year, though frequency varies per individual. These cleanings are a crucial preventive step in your oral health routine. Our team removes plaque, checks your gum health, and provides valuable tips on proper brushing and flossing. By investing in regular cleanings, you actively protect your smile, ensuring it stays healthy and bright.


Typically schedule dental exams once a year, usually following a dental cleaning. Our thorough exams cover all aspects of your oral health, including teeth, gums, soft tissues, and supporting bone structures. We're on the lookout for any unusual or concerning signs, ensuring your well-being. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and receive relevant dental education tailored to your needs. Your oral health is our priority, and we're here to keep your smile at its best.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Our oral cancer screening is a vital component of your dental care. During each dental appointment, we conduct a thorough visual examination of your entire oral cavity. Our focus is on detecting any potential signs of cancer or precancerous lesions, including changes in color, texture, the presence of lumps or bumps, or non-healing sores. Regular screenings are your shield against the unexpected – by catching any oral cancer signs early, we enhance your chances of a healthier, brighter smile.

Dentistry For Kids

We understand the importance of professional dental care in your child's oral health journey. We begin building a trusted relationship with your child from as early as age one, creating a calm and welcoming environment for their dental visits. Research has shown that consistent visits to the dentist at a young age lay the foundation for long-term dental well-being. During these visits, we discuss age-appropriate dental care and preventive measures, such as early orthodontic assessments to minimize future treatment, dental sealants, and maintaining a healthy diet. Your child's smile deserves the best care – schedule their dental appointment with us today!

Dental Sealants

We offer dental sealants, a protective plastic shield that acts as a strong defense against tooth decay. Since children are still honing their brushing skills, and teeth have intricate crevices, we use sealants to safeguard these vulnerable areas from harmful bacteria. We highly recommend dental sealants for all adolescents and adults when extra prevention can make a significant difference in maintaining oral health. Ensure your family's smiles stay bright and healthy – consider dental sealants at your next appointment.

Periodontal Care

We emphasize the significance of gum health alongside tooth care. Your gums play a pivotal role in anchoring your teeth securely. Gum disease is a prevalent and harmful condition, often leading to tissue and tooth loss in patients with chronic periodontal disease. Prioritize gum health to maintain a strong foundation for your smile.

Periodontal Maintenance

We offer specialized treatment plans for patients battling chronic periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease. Your personalized plan may entail deep cleaning procedures like scaling and root planing. We might suggest more frequent visits to monitor progress. Additionally, restorative treatments such as tissue growth or tooth restoration may be discussed as needed to ensure your oral health is restored to its best condition. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to tailor treatments to your specific needs.


For those engaging in physical activities that carry a risk of dental trauma or injury, we highly recommend the use of a mouthguard. This simple yet effective device serves as a protective shield, safeguarding your teeth and minimizing the chances of dental emergencies. Prioritize your smile's safety – consider a mouthguard today.

Night Guards

If you're dealing with bruxism, an involuntary condition characterized by teeth grinding or clenching, our team may suggest a night guard as a part of your treatment plan. Many bruxism sufferers experience teeth grinding during sleep. A night guard acts as a protective barrier, effectively preventing enamel wear and promoting better oral health. Discover relief from bruxism with a night guard tailored to your needs.

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