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Implant Supported Dentures
Spokane, WA

Computer image of dental implant overdentures at Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry in Spokane, WAWhen the word "dentures" are mentioned, most people immediately think about them slipping out of place and not remaining in their proper position in the patient's mouth. That is the biggest complaint patients have about them. They are hard to keep in place even by applying denture adhesive multiple times through the course of the day. Another downside to dentures is the need for dietary changes because dentures are softer than natural tooth enamel and they can be damaged if the wrong kind of foods are eaten with regularity. While those are valid concerns, they are easily dealt with by fitting the patient with an overdenture. While, yes, it is a denture, it utilizes dental implants to hold the denture in place. They do not require adhesive to hold them in place as the dental implants are permanently affixed to the jawbone. For those patients who are interested in finding out more, contact our office at Bryan Hill, DDS. We are always available to provide treatment and guidance.

Types of Implant Supported Dentures

Before a decision can be made as to which dental implant would be best suited for the patient, an assessment needs to be made. This will not take much time at all. Most times this can be completed in a 15-minute appointment. The bar-retained denture is one particular type of available implant. This requires a thin bar of metal which is tied to the implant to which small clips attached to the denture can be attached. This will ensure the dentures do not slip out of place once secured to the denture. The ball retained implant is another type available to patients as well. Instead of a metal bar, it uses a small ball to secure the denture to the physical implant. It permanently secures the dentures to the implants.

What is Involved?

The implant process does take more than a single office visit, but the implant procedure is regularly completed with great results. Sedation dentistry practices are used in conjunction with the dental implant procedure and a local anesthetic is used throughout the process. An incision is made over the area for the implant so the bone can be exposed and allow for proper placement. Once it has properly fused with the bone the abutment is placed, followed a number of weeks later by the placement of the crown.

The Final Placement

Computer technology is relied upon to digitally design and manufacture the artificial teeth used in the denture. The technology has grown to such heights that they are created to exact specifications, so they fit exactly in the patient's mouth. There is no shaping or contouring. They are made to the exact measurements taken by computer. This means that once placed there will be no raw places in the patient's mouth from ill-fitting dentures. As a solution, oftentimes, implant-supported dentures are overlooked and yet they provide a permanent solution at a much lower cost than other options. To find out more, please come see us at our Bryan Hill, DDS office. You can reach us by phone as well. The number is (509) 505-6303. Call today for an office visit or a consultation.
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