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Welcome Dr. Natasha Wilhelm to Our Spokane Dental Team!

Dr. Natasha Wilhelm at Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry

We are thrilled to introducea the newest addition to our dental family in Spokane, Dr. Natasha Wilhelm! Dr. Natasha is a talented and passionate dentist, bringing a unique blend of expertise and a deep commitment to community service. Her journey from bioengineering to dentistry is an inspiring one, and we are excited to have her on board.

Dr. Natasha's journey into the world of dentistry is an intriguing one. She graduated with a degree in Bioengineering from the University of Washington, which ignited her passion for science and research. She then pursued her dream of becoming a dentist, earning her doctorate in dentistry from UW. Her dedication and hard work were evident as she was one of only eight students selected for the RIDE (Regional Initiatives in Dental Education) program. During this program, she gained invaluable experience working in community clinics in rural and underserved areas of Washington.

Not only is Dr. Natasha an accomplished dentist, but she has also received the Student Council Recognition award for her contributions to the School of Dentistry and the community. Her academic journey didn't end there; she has also worked as an adjunct faculty at Eastern Washington University, partnering with the UW RIDE program.

Community Service and Public Health Advocate:

Dr. Natasha is deeply committed to public health and community service. Her experience during the RIDE program, particularly at NEW Health in Colville, and later at CHAS Health, reinforced her passion for serving the community. She loves combining research-based practice with helping those in need through her role as a dentist.

A Personal Connection to Dentistry:

Dr. Natasha's journey into dentistry has a personal touch as well. Her grandfather, a dentist in India, initially introduced her to the world of dentistry. It was this early exposure that ignited her passion for the field and set her on her path.

Patient-Centered Approach:

Dr. Natasha's approach to dentistry is patient-centered and compassionate. She understands the importance of listening to her patients and making them feel at ease. Providing high-quality work while ensuring a comfortable experience is her top priority. She understands that every patient is unique and that continuous growth and learning are essential values in both her personal and professional life.

A Dentist Who Makes a Difference:

Dr. Natasha's biggest success as a dentist is when patients share their positive experiences, especially if they had previously been fearful or anxious about dental visits. Helping patients overcome their fears and get the treatment they need is a joy for her.

Favorite Procedure:

Her favorite dental procedure is endodontics, specifically root canals. It allows her to relieve patients' pain, clean out infections, and save their teeth, which she describes as "magical." Attention to detail is one of the aspects of dentistry that she loves the most.

Bringing Smiles and Confidence:

Dr. Natasha's joy comes from making a difference in people's lives by helping them achieve a healthy and confident smile. Whether it's getting them out of pain or enhancing their smiles, the reward of positively impacting her patients' lives makes all the hard work worthwhile.

The Love for Dentistry:

Dr. Natasha loves that her profession allows her to work with her hands, connect with people, and stay updated with the constantly evolving field of dentistry. She's a true dental enthusiast.

A Fun Fact About Dr. Natasha:

As a self-proclaimed nerd, Dr. Natasha enjoys board games, books, and learning new things. She's always excited to share fun facts and explore the latest research in the field.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Natasha Wilhelm to our Smile More Spokane Family Dentistry Team. Her dedication to patient care, passion for dentistry, and commitment to community service make her a valuable addition to our practice. If you're looking for a caring and skilled dentist in Spokane, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr. Natasha today. Your smile is in excellent hands!
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Dr. Natasha Wilhelm! Dr. Natasha is a talented and passionate dentist, bringing a unique blend of expertise and a deep commitment to community service.
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